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Available on desktop & mobile!
Available on desktop and on mobile!
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200+ delighted sleep consultants
"A game-changer for the industry"

Stef, Certified Sleep Consultant

"It's like you read my mind"

Lindsay, Certified Sleep Consultant

"Incredibly helpful and easy to use"

Laura, Mom of a 16 month old

"I have been looking for this for 1.5 years"

Heather, Certified Sleep Consultant

"I LOVE the app. It’s so great"

Kayla, Mom of a 3 year old

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Try Rested for free

Effortless logging

Clients log sleep from their pocket

Threaded conversations

Discuss kiddo’s progress via chat and event-specific comment threads

Sleep/wake charts

Get charts and timelines for sleep and wake windows

Content sharing

Share content via pdf or web link

Try Rested for free

Give your clients a world-class experience

  • Easy, real-time logging for feeding & sleeping

  • Searchable sleep plan in their pocket

  • Text chat and comment threads on logs

Logging & Analytics

No more google sheets - just effortless insight

  • Get simple, precise, real-time sleep logs for every client

  • See trends and changing behaviors with rested's charts and analytics

  • Clients get to see their amazing progress!

How it works

Everything you need in one place

  • Invite clients to the app by email

  • Manage clients on desktop or mobile

  • Replaces voxer, emails, spreadsheets and CRMs in the paid client experience


Rested is completely free for clients.

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"Thank you for creating this app! It is meeting such a huge need... My life will be forever changed as a sleep consultant"

Stephanie, Certified Sleep Consultant

"A game changer for my biz... I know they’ll love it!"

Ann Marie, Certified Sleep Consultant

"The app is rad, and I love the features and interface"

Charlie, delighted parent

"The Rested app is perfect."

Trish, delighted parent

"I LOVE the app. It’s so great"

Mei-Li, delighted parent


How long has Rested been around?

The team behind Rested has been working in sleep-tech since 2019. Over 1,000 parents have used the Rested App since its launch in 2020.

What does Rested cost?

Rested costs $29/mo per coach. The app is completely free for clients.

What age of child does the app best serve?

All ages! Parents of newborns, infants, toddlers, and even up to 10 years old have used Rested.

Can I see sleep totals and analytics for my clients?

Yes! The Rested app lets you see summary level statistics and charts for every nap, day and week.

What technical support is included when I sign up?

We will work hand-in-hand to get you set up on the platform. Our development team is available during business hours to help you or your clients if you encounter any issues.

More questions?

Reach out to and get all of your questions answered.